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Alternate Surnames in Russian Poland  
Analysis of some Surname Origins various scholars - in Polish
Archdiocese of Warsaw Clergy Names  
Behind the Name (given Polish names)  
Carpatho-Rusyn Surname Project Archives  
Czarnik Surname Resource Center  
Dictionary of Lemko Surnames  
German/Polish Surname Map  
How Surnames Came Into Being in Poland  
Italians in Poland for a fee
Kashub-Polish Surname Anthology  
Last Name Popularity in Poland  
Polish Border Surnames List in Polish
Polish Genealogy: Origin of Surnames in Poland  
PolishOrigins™ Surnames Database  
Polish Settlers from Germany  
Pommeranian Descent - Full Name Index  
Prawdzik Surname Website Project  
Scots in Poland, Russia and the Baltic States, 1550-1850 for a fee
Surnames in Poland - Locations in Polish (uses Polish font)
Surname Worldwide Map  
Surname Search - with Map of Poland in Polish
West Prussian Land Register 1772/73  

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