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St. Stanislaus Parish - East Chicago IN

A brief parish history from the 1975 Jubilee Book

The year 1886 marks the first official year of any significant Polish groupings establishing themselves in Lake County. The Poles, who wanted to practice their faith in the area, were compelled to attend the only parish in existence at the time, St. Casimir's in North Hammond. They traveled there faithfully to fulfill their religious obligations. Father Kobylinski, one of the priests serving the people at St. Casimir's received permission to build a church in East Chicago. It was named St. Michael and was located at the cor-­ner of Baring and 150th Street.

In 1901, St. Michael received its first resident pastor, Father Kubacki. With more and more Poles settling in the area, it was necessary to procure more land in striving for a larger church. New land was purchased a block east of the old church. The church. The church was then transferred to the new location. The next pastor, Father Joseph Balka, enlarged the church. The Rosary Ladies and the St. Cecilia Choir offered gifts of two side altars and had the church painted.

With the transfer of the church, the name of the parish was changed to St. Stanislaus. After the church was in shape, there began the building of a parish school. The school consisted of four class rooms and 230 pupils. Four Sisters took charge of the instructions. On this newly purchased land were two buildings, one became the Rectory, the other a convent to house the Sisters.

Father Peter Budnik the next pastor, began an extensive building program. A new Church-School building, Convent and the present Rectory were built, and in 1922 construction was begun on the new Memorial Hall building. With the growth of the parish, it was necessary for Father Budnik to request help. The following priests served as assistants during his time: Fathers Joseph Zielinski, Gorka, Michael Gadacz, and Michael Petzold.

In 1923 Father Julian Skrzypinski took over the reins as pastor. The Memorial Hall building was completed shortly after his arrival. During the pastorship of Father Skrzypinski, he was elevated to Monsignor. Serving under him as assistants were the following priests: Fathers Anthony Nadolny, Ratajczak, F. Libert, F. Nowak, M. Petzold, M. Urbanski, Louis Michalski, Ed Wroblewski, Stanley Zjawinski, Theodore Janicki, Joseph Buczyna, Stanley Milewski, Eugene Pogorzelski, William Gieranowski, Leonard Lukaszewski, Michael Tomaszewski, Julian Jercha, Emil Bloch, and Stanley Dominik.

In January 1958 a tragedy struck St. Stanislaus Parish. Memorial Hall School building was completely destroyed by fire. Fortunately, it happened at a time when there were very few people in the buildingand no one was injured. The parish immediately rented classrooms at Holy Trinity School in East Chicago in order not to disrupt the young people's education. Plans were made for the building of a new school. This new school and hall building was completed and put in use in April of 1961.

In August of 1962 Father Henry Krysinski came to the parish as the Administrator. In 1966 became the pastor of St. Stanislaus Parish. During the time of this tenure here, the following priests served under him as assistants: Fathers Emil Bloch, Michael Tomaszewski, Stanley Dominik, Leonard Kronkowski, James Mazepa, Vladimir Janeczek, Robert Gumnien ny and Paschal Grigus. Also while he was pastor, some young men entered the priesthood. They were Father Joseph Niezgoda, the present pastor, Father Dennis Teles, present pastor of Sacred Heart parish in LaPorte and Rev. Zych. In 1971 Father Henry Kr­sinski was transferred from St. Stanislaus and Father Joseph Niezgoda was named pastor. Serving as associate pastors are Rev. Paschal Grigus and Rev. Paul Tomasula. At the present time the parish has one of its young men studying for the priesthood, Mr. John Lula. He is studying for the diocese of Fargo, North Dakota.

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