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SS Cyril & Methodius Parish - Lemont IL

A brief parish history from the 1934 Jubilee Book

SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish is justly proud today! It has reached the 50th milestone of its faithful existence. During those fifty years it has met with many difficulties which have presented themselves quite frequently. It had its trials, struggles and victories.

The history of this parish dates as far back as the year 1878. The first Polish pioneers, attracted by the quarry industry where they found steady employment, settled here. Year after year they increased in number due to a strong influx of immigration, so that in 1883 there were nearly 200 Polish families in Lemont.

The organizer and the first pastor was Reverend Leopold Moczygemba, then pastor of St. Alphonsus Church. He bought 20 acres from Patrick Murray and his wife, divided these into lots and called this new subdivision Jasna Gora or Blue Hill. Father Moczygemba donated to the parish lot No. 26, 222 x 287 15-100. He continued to administer the affairs of the newly organized parish. Through his earnest efforts and zealous cooperation of his good people, the first church, school and rectory all modest frame buildings, were erected at the present site.

The solemn dedication of the church was performed August 31, 1884, by Archbishop Feehan of Chicago. Since then the parish grew rapidly and flourished in every respect.

Amidst this success a disastrous conflagration completely destroyed the school, March 29, 1898. A difficult task confronted the pastor Rev. C. Kozlowski and his people. The parish owes the existence of the present school to the endurance, thrift and economy of these sturdy forefathers. At present the school has an enrollment of 220 children. It enjoys an excellent record and meets all the requirements of modern education. Here too were meager quarters for the Sisters. Rev. C. Kozlowski, now advanced in age, realizing the work becoming too burdensome, resigned Dec. 1, 1910. He was succeeded by Rev. F. C. Scieszka, then in 1912 Rev. E. C. Pyplacz took charge of the parish. The present pastor Rev. H. Jagodzinski is in Lemont since May 22, 1913.

After a long and careful consideration steps were taken in 1925, to erect the present spacious Sisters home. Scarcely has this been completed when another burden began to weigh heavily upon the parish for on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 22, 1928, the church and the rectory burned to the ground. Inheriting the spirit of sacrifice and united in zeal and faith of our fathers. our good people again lent a helping hand. They spared neither pain nor labor. Work progressed smoothly. Contribuions toward the erection of the new church poured in generously. Results were encouraging justifying the esteem in which the Poles have been held by their neighbors. The first Mass in the new church was celebrated January 1, 1930.

The SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish is justly proud of its massive buildings. The church, a beautiful structure of Romanesque architecture, is a pride of the parish and the gem of the village of Lemont. The interior outfitting corresponds in every detail with the exterior style. Simplicity lends harmony to the whole. Few are the parishes that can boast of their completeness like SS. Cyril & Methodius. These buildings are a lasting monument to the generosity of the people. What a perpetual testimony of loyalty to the Church and love for God! They are the admiration of the visitors and consequently, fill the hearts of the members of the congregation with joyfull satisfaction and a pardonable pride.

As a token of spiritual life of SS. Cyril and Methodius Parish we may refer to the many vocations to the priesthood and to the religious life. The parish has given 8 boys who consecrated themselves to the service of God and 24 young ladies who embraced the religious state.

Rev. Francis Nona, for many years labored faithfully in several parishes of Galveston Diocese in Texas. He died Feb. 2, 1930. Interment at SS. Cyril & Methodius Cemetery.

Rev. Leon Jarecki, distinguished for his long years of service as professor of the Seminary in Detroit, MI.

Rev. Francis Karabasz, founder and present pastor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Chicago, Illinois.

Rev. Stanislaus Chmielewski, laboring in the diocese of Albany, NY

Rev. Joseph 0. Karabasz, pastor of St. Jude's Church, Joliet, IL

Rev. Joseph Kucharski, Toledo, OH.

Rev. Alphonsus Zamiara, S. J., St. Joseph, MO.

Rev. Victor Wroblewski, O. P., who in July 1933, had been sent by the authority of the Dominican Order to labor among the Poles in Kovno and other Lithuanan Missions.

The following entered the Felician Sisters Order:

Sister Mary Mildred, (Mary Sobieszrzyk) entered in 1888, died in 1894.

Sister Mary Leonia, (Stella Gburczyk) entered in 1892, died in 1902.

Sister Mary Ludmila, (Julia Hejka) entered in 1896, died in 1907.

Sister Mary Vincentine (Martha Wietrzykowska) entered in 1905, died in 1926.

Sister Mary Raphael, (Mary Szafranska) entered in 1888.

Sister Mary Samuel, (Frances Karalasz) entered in 1888.

Sister Mary Dulcina, (Rose Szafranska) entered in 1890.

Sister Mary Mechtilda, (Mary Wroblewska) entered in 1896.

Sister Mary Eleanor, (Mary Affelt) entered in 1897.

Sister Mary Ignatius, (Rose Kalisz) entered in 1897.

Sister Mary Christopher, (Victoria Michalak) entered in 1808.

Sister Mary Xavier (Pearl Wroblewska) entered in 1902.

Sister Mary Leopold, (Julia Kuawa) entered in 1902.

Sister Mary Angella, (Mary Musal) entered in 1902.

Sister Mary Luchesia, (Stella Sniegowska) entered in 1902.

Sister Mary Eugenia, (Julia Musial) entered in 1903.

Sister Mary Justa, (Mary Zbylska) entered in 1903.

Sister Mary Aurelia, (Helen Muszynska) entered in 1904.

Sister Mary Anzelm, (Mary Paul) entered in 1907.

Sister Mary Beata, (Stella Karabasz) entered in 1911.

Sister Mary Bernadette, (Rose Wietrzykowska) entered in 1913.

Sister Mary Edith (Elizabeth Wietrzykowska) entered in 1923.

Due credit is hereby given to the whole parish, where both young and old profess their faith, which is just as strong today as it was fifty years ago. Today, to the respected pastor falls the happy lot of celebrating with his beloved congregation the great feast of gladness and rejoicing - the Golden Jubilee of the organization of their parish. Our hearts filled with immense joy chant to God the melodius canticle of praise uttered by the immaculately pure lips of the Blessed Mother of Jesus, Magnificat! "My soul doth manify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour."

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