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Sacred Heart Parish - Hudson Heights NJ

A brief parish history from the 1943 Jubilee Book

A quarter of a century has elapsed since the thought of a parish of their own took root in the hearts and minds of Polish-American residents of Shadyside. When decision was made, a committee went to St. Anthony's Church, Jersey City, with an urgent request for a priest. The pastor of that church, the Rev. Boleslaus Kwiatkowski with Bishop O'Connor's approval gave his services to the Shadyside residents, by administering the sacraments during Lent for the preceding 5 years.

Through intercession by Father Kwiatkowski, the Right Rev. Bishop O'Connor named Father Stefanski, pastor of the Church of Our Lady of Czestochowa, Harrison, to care for the spiritual needs of the church on the hill in Shadyside.

It was on Sunday, June 7, 1917, when America was at war as now, when Father Stefanski arrived here. Immediately he began to renovate the small wooden church. and with the new hope in the hearts of the parishioners, they in turn began to organize societies and clubs.

Realizing the importance of a parish school, the parishioners did everything in their power to meet this new demand and responsibility. In the Fall, Father Stefanski succeeded in securing the services of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, of New Britain, CT. At its beginning, the enrollment of the school consisted of 75 pupils.

In an attempt to fulfill the wishes of the people for a resident pastor, the Rev. Father Ostrowski was assigned in 1918, and after 4 years, he resigned to depart for Poland.

His successor, the Rev. Julian Roszkowski, now in Hackensack, applied himself whole heartedly to his task. During his 6 years of pastorate there was a revival of progress.

But many of the Polish-American residents were in the process of moving up the hill to Cliffside Park and Fairview, and there was therefore discussion of a new church, to be located in that section.

The Rev. Arthur S. Dombrowski was named to succeed Father Roszkowski, on August 17, 1928. Eager to further the accomplishments in their evolutionary stage, Father Dombrowski made plans for a new building.

He purchased a plot of 12 lots on Barr Place, North Bergen, in the HudsOD Heights section.

Ground was broken for a new combination church, school, and convent, on Mav 30, 1929 and in June, construction began. The new edifice was completed the next year and dedicated en March 20, 1930, by the Rev. Thomas]. Walsh, Bishop of the Newark Diocese.

The building is considered one of the finest in the Diocese. In 1936 it was re decorated and painted.

After 14 years in the parish transplanted from Shadyside to Hudson Heights, Father Dombrowski left this earth, leaving behind a glorious temple that constantly serves as a suitable memorial to his efforts.

The Rev. Vincent]. Bukowski, his assistant, was named administrator, and is now assistant pastor.

The present pastor, the Rev. Francis S. Majewski, was appointed to Sacred Heart parish on December 22, 1942, coming from Elizabeth, where at St. Adalbert's for over 13 years he had assisted the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Vitus Masnicki in parochial work. Rev. Father Francis Majewski has won for himself the respect, confidence, and love of his people. His tact, sincerity, and energy gained him the whole hearted cooperation of the parishioners, as he goes about his appointed tasks.

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