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Resurrection Parish - Detroit MI

A short parish history from the 1931 Jubilee Book

The origin of the Resurrection parish or rather the grouping together of the polish families into one unit dates back to the year 1920, when Rev. B. Gdaniec, at that time organizing the St. Ladislaus parish, came to this locality with spiritual help.

The Resurrection parish, in the strict sense of the term had its origin in February, 1921, with the advent of Rev. L. Szok as regular pastor. He willingly took upon himself the burden of organizing a parish, although he was a priest only one year, and though the site itself was not favorably inclined for the erection of a parish.

The place at that time was only swamps, vacant lots with homes scattered here and there. Furthermore, it was surrounded densely by automobile industries and railroads, thus excluding hopes of expansion, and conversion into a residential district. It looked like an oasis surrounded by these factories.

Rev. L. Szok disregarding these conditions, just simply grit his teeth, rolled up his sleeves and commenced organizing. His first step was to build a suitable place for the worship of God. Hitherto the Mass and celebrations were held in a private home, bought by Rev. Gdaniec. Receiving the consent and promise of cooperation of his parishioners, he commenced building a church and school in the year 1922. The influx of children attending school was so great that, during the process of building, four classes had to be opened to accommodate the children. The building was completed in 1924. Already in the first year 450 children enrolled the numbers increasing year after year with the year 1929 having the greatest amount of children, namely, 815.

In the early stage of erection Rev. L. Szok had to ask for assistance in his work. The Bishop sent Rev. V. Borkowicz, who aided him only on Saturdays and Sundays, for five years. After him followed Rev. A. Koprowski, Rev. L. Zatryb, Rev. L. Zurek, Rev. E. Bartil and Rev. S. Rojewski.

The other buildings belonging to the parish are: Rectory, Sisters Home and Auditorium.

The Auditorium was opened before a large crowd of parishioners and outsiders October 6th, 1929. The building was erected at a cost of 75,000.

Thus grew this oasis in a desert of factories, It grew like a mushroom over night. A great deal of credit is due to these hardy pioneers who sacrificed every cent they had to make expansion possible. Another factor in the process of organization were the societies in the parish, who assisted the parish both physically, by helping in bazaars, picnics, dances etc., and financially by yearly donations.

The parish at present consists of 500 families and 750 children attending school.

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