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Our Lady of Czenstochowa - South Brooklyn NY

A brief parish history from the 1971 Jubilee Book

God, undoubtedly, was pleased with their work. For He blessed the founder, the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Boleslaus of Puchaiski, PA., with a fruitful long life of 61 years as pastor. He was succeeded by his long time curate and present pastor, the Rev. William F. Flaskowski. Unique in the history of the Brooklyn Diocese, Our Lady of Czenstochowa has had but 2 pastors in the 75 years of its existence. The present associate pastors are the Revs. Thomas R. Cbarowski and Stephen I. Jozwicki.

Not only was Mary revered in this small way, but more significantly, numerous priests, brothers and sisters responded to the call of Her Son to fill the ranks of religious.

Businessmen and women, professionals and people from every walk of life, spread throughout the country, recollect and thank God and His Blessed Mother, for the religious, social and intimate years spent in God's home, under the loving care of Our Lady of Czenstochowa. These are only a few, among the many numerous circumstances surrounding the parish,that attest to the reverence and honor of Her devotees.

Buildings are important, to house, teach and pray. The formation of character and the instilling of the love of God in the hearts of human beings are not so evidently visible. This was and is the essential and primary purpose of the Black Madonna parish: to love and obey God and His Mother, His Church, successors on earth and to provide for the necessities and needs of the community and Her followers.

Being a national parish, her boundaries extend from Atlantic Avenue to Coney Island and Flatbush. In its extensive boundaries, there are more than 20 parishes within her defined limits. Yet, Our Lady of Czenstochowa, has a most active parish lay council, numerous church societies and organizations, and 25 Polish Societies in the Polish National Association of Prospect Hall on Prospect Avenue. All actively cooperate to revere her, for all humbly turn to Mary and call Her blessed.

All this may seem difficult to understand. Yet, you may convince your- self. Just ride or walk by the three church spires on 24th Street. As one of the taller structures of Brooklyn, you will see the Church crosses ever towering closer to the heavens. Inside the Gothic edifice, you will find yourself, in a friendly, warm, clean church, with beautiful altars, stations and life-like statues. You will see the tabernacle closed. But within, is housed the Real Presence, as above the tabernacle, the beautiful Black Madonna awaits all who come to Her. You too, will call Her blessed in a splendid and personal way. "And behold, I am with you all days, even to the end of the world." (Matt 28:20).

Here in South Brooklyn, where devotion to Our Lady of Czenstochowa has been flourishing for the past 75 years . . the year 1971 marks the DIAMOND JUBILEE of the parish and its existence. The happy occasion of the 75th Anniversary was celebrated by Bishop Francis J. Mugavero, at a concelebrated Mass, on Sunday, September 26, 1971 at 4:00 P.M. From this glorious moment, the parish will continue to honor the anniversary with numerous religious events, devotions and celebrations. The highlight of the anniversary will be held as a culminating event for the parish, with a festive banquet for the parishioners, at Prospect Hall, Sunday evening, November 14, 1971.

Even, if someday, the walls should crumble from age, or the elements take their toll, Our Lady of Czenstochowa, will be remembered as the place where God dwelt: "for I have chosen it." A parish built by Polish hearts, "for there was their treasure." A Church, where Our Lady could say: "Generations called me blessed."

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