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Surnames are from different periods in the 19th century unless otherwise stated.

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Surname Town County Partition Comment
QrzyskowLudwikowka, Mikulince - Galicia
QuabiusBreslau - Prussia
QuadTorun - Prussiafrom Terespol, civic records, 1876-1888
QuadeKcynia (Exin) - PrussiaGerman colonists, 1840-1850
QuadeObrzycko - Prussia
QuandtBarlinek - Prussia
QuandtGrudziadz - Prussia
QuandtSierpc, Mazovia - RussiaEvangelics
QuapisBaldowice, Kalisz - Prussia
QuaschnyBaldowice, Kalisz - Prussia
QuasebarthWarsaw - RussiaLutheran
QuastGrodziec, Konin county - Russiaevangelics, 1820-1865
QuastObrzycko - Prussia
QuastPrzedecz - Russia
QuellWarsaw - RussiaLutheran
QuickertKozmin (Koschmin), Poznan - Prussia
QuielBreslau - Prussia
QuielObrzycko - Prussia
QuielTorun - Prussiacivic records, 1876-1888
QuientschLidzbark / Lautenburg, Mlawa - Prussia
QuindtWarsaw - RussiaLutheran
QuindtZdunska Wola, Lodz - Russia
QuintZdunska Wola, Lodz - Russia
QuiramBartodzieje Male (Klein Bartelsee), Bydgoszcz (Bromberg) - Prussia
QuiramKcynia (Exin) - PrussiaGerman colonists, 1840-1850
QuittssehanTorun - Prussiacivic records, 1876-1888
QuoosRaszkow, Ostrow Wlkp - Prussia

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