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Surnames are from different periods in the 19th century unless otherwise stated.


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Surname Town County Partition Comment
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Thal Kalinow / Kaisersdorf, Przemysl - Galicia 1780-1830
Thamalski Legnica - Prussia Liegnitz
Thamm Breslau - Prussia
Than Grodziec, Konin county - Russia evangelics, 1820-1865
Than Konin - Russia evangelics
Than Ostrow Wlk - Prussia
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Thebach Krakow - Galicia evangelical
ThedaTurzynski Cekcyn - Prussia
Theden Kcynia (Exin) - Prussia German colonists, 1840-1850
Theel Pyrzyce (Pyritz) - Prussia
Theidel Szlechtyngowa, Glogow / Glogau - Prussia 1795-1830
Theimer Sanok - Galicia
Theirich Warsaw - Russia Lutheran
Theise Torun - Prussia civic records, 1876-1888
Theiss Jelenia Gora - Prussia Hirschberg
Themm Ostroda - Prussia
Themn Tuczno and Dzwierzchno, Inowroclaw - Prussia 1817-1840
Ther Grabowiec, Zamosc - Russia
Theske Pabianice, Lodz - Russia evangelics
Theske Powidz, Gniezno - Prussia civil records, 1874-1910
Thess Golancz - Prussia 1750-1800
Theus Bobowo (Bobau) - Prussia cemetery
Theuser Breslau - Prussia
Thews Kcynia (Exin) - Prussia German colonists, 1840-1850
Thews Mlawa - Russia Evangelic
Theyss Bydgoszcz (Bromberg), Bydgoszcz (Bromberg) - Prussia 1840-1855
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Thiede Barlinek - Prussia
Thiede Koscierzyna - Prussia
Thiede Mogilno, Posen - Prussia cemetery
Thiegelmann Tarnobrzeg - Galicia census, 1880
Thiel Dobrzyn by Vistula - Russia
Thiel Glogowek (Ober Glogau) - Silesia
Thiel Jelenia Gora - Prussia Hirschberg
Thiel Kalisz, Posen - Prussia Lutherans
Thiel Kcynia - Prussia
Thiel Maslaki, Konin - Russia evangelics
Thiel Szubin, Bydgoszcz - Prussia 1830-1850
Thiel Trabki (Gross Trampken) - Pomerania
Thiele Gostynin, Plock - Russia
Thiele Zgierz, Lodz - Russia Evangelics, 1820-1850
Thielke Barlinek - Prussia
Thiell Gniezno - Prussia
Thielmann Jelenia Gora - Prussia Hirschberg
Thielmann Maslaki - Prussia Lutherans, 1857-1860
Thielmann Maslaki, Konin - Russia evangelics
Thielmann Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Lodz - Russia evaneglic, 1830-1850
Thielscher Brzeg, Opole - Prussia civil, 1884
Thiem Kobyla Gora, Kalisz - Prussia
Thiemann Oborniki - Prussia 1878-1880
Thieme Golub Dobrzyn - Prussia civil records, 1874-1900
Thieme Zdunska Wola, Lodz - Russia
Thiemer Gniewkowo, Argenau - Prussia civil records, 1874-1900
Thiemke Wielen - Prussia
Thienel Brzeg, Opole - Prussia civil, 1884
Thies Barlinek - Prussia
Thiesler Warsaw - Russia Lutheran
Thil Sierpc, Mazovia - Russia Evangelics
Thimm Burkat - Prussia
Thimm Koszelewki (Koschalu), Ciechanow - Prussia
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Thoma Siolkowice (Schiolkowitz) - Prussia
Thomale Koscierzyna - Prussia
Thomalla Breslau - Prussia
Thomas Glogowek (Ober Glogau) - Silesia
Thomas Grudziadz - Prussia
Thomas Jelenia Gora - Prussia Hirschberg
Thomas Nowy Targ - Galicia
Thomas Siolkowice (Schiolkowitz) - Prussia
Thomas Szlechtyngowa, Glogow / Glogau - Prussia 1795-1830
Thomas Topola Mala, Ostrow Wlk - Prussia
Thomas Torun - Prussia civic records, 1876-1888
Thomesch Bralin, Kalisz - Prussia
Thoms Golub Dobrzyn - Prussia civil records, 1874-1900
Thoms Nasielsk - Russia Lutherans
Thon Dzierzbice - Russia
Thoor Grabowiec, Zamosc - Russia 1800-1860
Thor Grabowiec, Zamosc - Russia 1800-1860
Thorik Lipnica Wielka, Orawa - Galicia
Thorm Brzeg, Opole - Prussia civil, 1884
Thorn Lubien Wielki - Prussia
Thorn Uzdowo (Usdau), Mlawa - Prussia
Thorn Warsaw - Russia Lutheran
Thortas Bydgoszcz (Bromberg), Bydgoszcz (Bromberg) - Prussia 1840-1855
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Thrun Barlinek - Prussia
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Thum Obrzycko - Prussia
Thun Breslau - Prussia
Thurm Jelenia Gora - Prussia Hirschberg
Thurm Warsaw - Russia Lutheran
Thurmann Drohobycz, Lviv - Galicia
Thurs Golancz - Prussia
Thurschwell Tarnobrzeg - Galicia census, 1880
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Thyde Lowicz - Russia evangelic, 1856-1874
Thyl Zbikow - Warsaw
Thym Starzawa, Mosciska - Galicia
Thym Witowo, Wloclawek - Russia 1755-1817
Thym Wyszogrod, Plock - Russia

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