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See Surname\& Places Introduction for a description of the databases.

Surnames are from different periods in the 19th century unless otherwise stated.

Newly entered Surnames will be listed in the "New Surnames" section for a
period of time and then sorted into the list when the next update is made.


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New Surnames
Town County Partition


Errat Parlin, Szubin - Prussia
Ertman Sztum - Prussia
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Eraberg Kowal - Russia by Wloclawek
Erasmus Czarna - Galicia diocese: Tarnow
Eraznikowner Andrzejewo, Lomza - Russia
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Erb Parzeczew, Lodz - Russia 1870-1880
Erban Rzeszow - Galicia 1850-1900s
Erban Rzeszow - Galicia ties, 1880-1900
Erban Suwalki - Russia evangelics, 1830-1850
Erbart Rogotworsk, Plock - Russia
Erber Breslau - Prussia
Erber Lubien Kujawski - Russia community civil records, 1870-1930
Erber Maslaki - Prussia Lutherans, 1857-1860
Erber Obrzycko - Prussia
Erbert Grodziec, Konin county - Russia evangelics, 1820-1865
Erbert Trabczyn - Russia
Erbreich Topola Mala, Ostrow Wlk - Prussia
Erbs Zgierz, Lodz - Russia Evangelics, 1820-1850
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Erdanowski Bobowo (Bobau) - Prussia cemetery
Erdberg Ozorkow, Lodz - Russia 1870-1930
Erde Sierpc, Mazovia - Russia Evangelics
Erdik Kroscienko, Przemysl - Galicia greek-catholic, 1790-1870
Erdman Babiaki, Konin - Russia evangelical, 1867-1868
Erdman Chodecz - Russia
Erdman Chodziez - Prussia 1850-1860
Erdman Dobrzyn by Vistula - Russia
Erdman Kcynia (Exin) - Prussia German colonists, 1840-1850
Erdman Labiszyn - Prussia
Erdman Laznow, Lodz - Russia 1810-1860
Erdman Maslaki, Konin - Russia evangelics
Erdman Ozorkow, Lodz - Russia 1870-1930
Erdman Remigola (Ramygala), Kiejdany - Russia (now Lithuania) 1779-1796
Erdman Surwiliszki (Surviliskis), Kowno (Kaunas) - Lithuania (Russia) 1800-1846
Erdmann Chwaliszewo, Kcynia - Prussia 1874-1900
Erdmann Golub Dobrzyn - Prussia civil records, 1874-1900
Erdmann Grabow by Prosna, Posen - Prussia 1880-1890
Erdmann Grodziec, Konin county - Russia evangelics, 1820-1865
Erdmann Oborniki - Prussia 1878-1880
Erdmann Pabianice, Lodz - Russia evangelics
Erdmann Plosnica - Prussia 1880-1881
Erdmann Pyrzyce (Pyritz) - Prussia
Erdmann Sierpc, Mazovia - Russia Evangelics
Erdmann Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Lodz - Russia evaneglic, 1830-1850
Erdmanski Plowez, Bydgoszcz - Prussia
Erdmarski Sliwice, Tuchola - Prussia
Erdmon Jezewo, Swiecie - Prussia cemetary
Erdner Legnica - Prussia Liegnitz
Erdukant Janowka, Augustow - Russia 1880-1890
Erdunast Aleksandrow Lodzki - Russia
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Eremus Dabrowa, Mlawa - Russia 1860-1870
Eremus Zasanie, Przemysl - Galicia
Erenc Mlodojewo, Konin - Russia
Erenc Zagorow, Konin - Russia civil records, 1810-1825
Erenkrejtz Gostynin, Plock - Russia
Erens Wronki, Inowroclaw - Prussia civil records, 1874-1890
Erenskoch Zaleszczyki, Tlumacz - Galicia 1766-1800, parish: Zaleszczyki
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Erger Kalisz, Posen - Prussia Lutherans
Ergielski Niemokszty ( Lit. Nemaksciai ), Kowno - Russia 1780-1850
Ergman Kalisz - Russia 1840s, parish: Saint Nicholas
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Erichson Gostynin, Plock - Russia
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Erkau Suwalki - Russia evangelics, 1830-1850
Erkenberg Legnica - Prussia Liegnitz
Erkonhaut Chelm, Lublin - Russia
Erle Komarow - Russia
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Erler Jelenia Gora - Prussia Hirschberg
Erli Komarow - Russia
Erlich Gostynin, Plock - Russia
Erlicki Proboszczewice, Plock - Russia 1820-1870
Erlicki Telsza / Telsiai - Russia (now Lithuania) 1820-1840
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Ermann Bzowko, Bzowo - Prussia
Ermann Bzowo - Prussia
Ermaszko Jezno - Russia (Lithuania) 1787-1883
Erminowicz Gadonow (Gadunavo), Kowno (Kaunas) - Russia 1830-1845
Ermisz Ciachcin, Plock - Russia
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Ernest Kutno - Russia
Ernitz Warsaw - Russia Lutheran
Ernst Bohorodczany - Galicia marriages, 1840-1859
Ernst Gniewkowo, Argenau - Prussia civil records, 1874-1900
Ernst Lidzbark / Lautenburg, Mlawa - Prussia
Ernst Szlechtyngowa, Glogow / Glogau - Prussia 1795-1830
Ernst Tysmienica - Galicia 1776-1790
Ernst Zaleszczyki, Tlumacz - Galicia 1766-1800, parish: Zaleszczyki
Ernst Zgierz, Lodz - Russia Evangelics, 1820-1850
Ernt Iwanowice, Kalisz - Russia 1790-1820
Ernts Lodz - Russia evangelic
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Erpel Oborniki - Prussia cemetery, former Prussia
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Erszvynger Sniatyn - Galicia 1730-1800
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Ertel Czestochowa - Russia evangelic
Ertel Grabow by Prosna, Posen - Prussia 1880-1890
Ertel Krakow - Galicia evangelical
Ertel Lodz - Russia
Erthel Pakruojo - Russia (Lithuania) 1820-1840, parish: Pakruojo
Ertman Gostynin, Plock - Russia
Ertman Lowicz - Russia
Ertman Lowicz - Russia evangelic, 1856-1874
Ertman Mokowo, Plock - Russia
Ertman Niewiescin - Prussia
Ertman Ozorkow, Lodz - Russia 1870-1930
Ertman Poniemon (Aukstosios) - Russia Lithuania 1820-1830
Ertman Sierpc, Plock - Russia 1810-1860
Ertman Strzelno - Prussia
Ertman Szubin, Bydgoszcz - Prussia 1830-1850
Ertman Wojcin, Strzelno - Prussia
Ertowski Radziwiliszki, Lithuania - Russia 1795-1815
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Erwaldt Cekcyn - Prussia
Erwardt Cekcyn - Prussia
Erwardt Osie, Swiecie - Prussia cemetary
Erwer Badkowo Koscielne, Plock - Russia
Erwin Burkat - Prussia
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Erykson Sejny - Russia (now Lithuania)
Erykson Sejny - Russia
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Erzkowicz Zaklikow - Russia
Erzner Pabianice, Lodz - Russia evangelics
Erzowski Nienokszty (Nemeksciu) - Lithuania (Russia) 1783-1870

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