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See Surname\& Places Introduction for a description of the databases.

Surnames are from different periods in the 19th century unless otherwise stated.

Newly entered Surnames will be listed in the "New Surnames" section for a
period of time and then sorted into the list when the next update is made.


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New Surnames
Town County Partition


Cacharski Sztum - Prussia
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Cabaj Czeladz, Katowice - Prussia
Cabaj Dzikow, Tarnobrzeg - Galicia 1870-1890
Cabaj Gniewkowo, Argenau - Prussia Plonkowo Cemetary
Cabala Wola Nizna - Galicia
Caban Czeladz, Katowice - Prussia
Caban Gora, Znin - Prussia
Caban Osie, Swiecie - Prussia cemetary
Caban Trzebieszow - Russia parish: Trzebieszow
Cabaniak Brudnia, Inowroclaw - Prussia
Cabanowski Zurominek, Mlawa - Russia
Cabanski Gniewkowo, Argenau - Prussia civil records, 1874-1900
Cabanski Gniezno, Gniezno - Prussia 1808-1825, parish: St Trinity
Cabanski Kutno - Russia
Cabel Kilo, Lipno - Russia
Cabel Ozorkow, Lodz - Russia 1870-1930
Cabelnik Penchowo - Prussia
Cabrowski Wloclawek - Russia 1750-1800
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Cach Rzeszow - Galicia 1850-1900s
Cach Turek, Konin - Russia evangelical
Cach Tykocin - Russia 1890-1905
Cachei Lask, Lodz - Russia evangelicals, 1870-1910
Cachej Lask, Lodz - Russia evangelicals, 1870-1910
Cackowski Bebelno, Kielce - Russia
Cackowski Brwilno, Plock - Russia 1813-1825
Cackowski Gojsk, Sierpc - Russia
Cackowski Jeleniewo - Russia
Cackowski Nowogrod, Lomza - Russia
Cackowski Szwelice, Pultusk - Russia
Cackowski Tykocin - Russia 1890-1905
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Cader Buczkowice - Galicia
Cader Lodygowice - Polish Commonwealth 1630-1730
Cadon Czarnkow - Prussia 1850s
Caf   Top of Page
Cafta Zagorow, Konin - Russia civil records, 1810-1825
Cag   Top of Page
Cag Blazowa - Galicia
Cag Kakolowka, Blazowa - Galicia
Cagara Raclawice, Nisko - Galica
Cah   Top of Page
Cahej Lask, Lodz - Russia evangelicals, 1870-1910
Cai   Top of Page
Cais Zasanie, Przemysl - Galicia
Cak   Top of Page
Cakanewicz Uscie Ruskie (now Gorlickie) - Galicia Uscie Ruskie is now Gorlickie
Cal   Top of Page
Cal Grabow by Prosna, Posen - Prussia 1880-1890
Calbiecki Plonne, Dobrzyn - Russia
Calbok Byslaw - Prussia
Calczynski Bohorodczany - Galicia marriages, 1840-1859
Cale Ozorkow, Lodz - Russia 1870-1930
Calecki Bojan, Czerniowce - Galicia
Calewski Jaminy, Augustow - Russia 1759-1800
Calewski Jaminy, Augustow - Russia marriages, 1800-1868
Calik Grabow by Prosna, Posen - Prussia 1880-1890
Calinski Grabow by Prosna, Posen - Prussia 1880-1890
Calka Ciachcin, Plock - Russia
Calka Mstyczow, Kielce - Russia
Calka Niedrzwica Koscielna, Lublin - Russia
Calkiewicz Dzierzbice - Russia
Calkiewicz Lozdzieje - Russia (now Lithuania) parish: Lozdzieje
Calkiewicz Lozdzieje, Grodno - Russia (now Lithuania)
Calkosinski Grabow by Prosna, Posen - Prussia 1880-1890
Calkowski Slaboszow, Miechow - Russia
Calle Ozorkow, Lodz - Russia 1870-1930
Callembach Jelenia Gora - Prussia Hirschberg
Caly Kazimierz Biskupi, Konin - Russia
Caly Wieruszow - Russia
Cam   Top of Page
Camczyk Kaletnik - Russia
Camel Lipno - Russia
Camke Jasienica - Russia
Camlet Ostrow Mazowiecka - Russia
Camto Grodziec, Konin county - Russia evangelics, 1820-1865
Can   Top of Page
Cancer Tarnopol - Galicia
Candala Osielsk - Prussia
Cander Babiaki, Konin - Russia evangelical, 1867-1868
Candillier Bojan, Czerniowce - Galicia
Candler Nasielsk - Russia Lutherans
Cane Golancz - Prussia 1750-1800
Canner Golancz - Prussia
Canter Byton, Wloclawek - Russia 1790-1830
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Cap Bircza, Dobromil - Galicia
Cap Brunary - Galicia
Cap Brzozowiec - Galicia
Cap Folusz - Galicia
Cap Jaslo - Galicia
Cap Kroscienko, Przemysl - Galicia greek-catholic, 1790-1870
Cap Krzywcza, Przemysl - Galicia
Cap Olechowce - Galicia
Cap Rozborz, Okragly - Galicia
Cap Sanok - Galicia
Cap Smolnik, Komancza - Galicia
Cap Swiatkowa Wielka - Galicia
Cap Wola Cieklinska - Galicia
Capaja Tarnawica Polna - Galicia
Capaja Tarnowica Polna, Ottynia - Galicia
Capanda Rajcza - Galicia
Capelli Wilno - Russia (now Lithuania)
Caper Ozorkow, Lodz - Russia 1870-1930
Capf Ozorkow, Lodz - Russia 1870-1930
Capica Kalinowka Koscielna, Bialystok - Russia 1760-1780
Capiga Mstyczow, Kielce - Russia
Capiga Trebki, Plock - Russia
Capinski Leszczyny - Galicia
Capko Kozowa, Brzezany - Galicia parish: Kozowa
Caplewski Serock, Bydgoszcz (Bromberg) - Prussia
Capow Brzozowiec - Galicia
Cappe Pilzno - Galicia
Capprano Riga - Lativa Evangelics
Capusta Lipowe, Zywiec - Galicia
Capusta Przylekow, Zywiec - Galicia
Caputa Buczkowice - Galicia
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Car Gladyszow - Galicia
Car Krzywe, Skalat - Galicia
Car Polany - Galicia
Car Wirchnia - Galicia
Carais Tarnopol - Galicia
Carboch Gostynin, Plock - Russia
Carewicz Nieciecz, Lida - Russia (now Lithuania)
Carger Riga - Lativa Evangelics
Carlson Riga - Lativa Evangelics
Carnegy Riga - Lativa Evangelics
Carnetzki Kielpiny, Lidzbark - Prussia
Caro Kozmin (Koschmin), Poznan - Prussia
Carski Kosow, Kolomyja - Galicia 1730-1777
Caryk Gladyszow - Galicia
Caryk Nowotrocki, Troki - Russia (now Lithuania) 1841, parish: Nowotrocki
Caryk Zamczysko, Zamosc - Galicia 1777-1795
Caryk Zawale, Sniatyn - Galicia
Carzycki Gabin, Plock - Russia 1808-1825
Carzynski Lwow - Galicia 1770-1799
Carzynski Lwow / Lviv - Galicia 1770-1799
Cas   Top of Page
Caspar Kalisz, Posen - Prussia Lutherans
Caspar Riga - Lativa Evangelics
Caspari Lowicz - Russia evangelic, 1856-1874
Casparz Lowicz - Russia
Casprzynski Danilowce, Jezierna - Eastern Galicia 1780-1850
Cassowski Dabrowa - Polish Kingdom 1694-1727, diocese: Kielce, parish: Dabrowa
Castiglioni Jaslo - Galicia
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Catenberg Leczyca, Lodz - Russia based on civil records, 1821
Cau   Top of Page
Cauche Lodz - Russia evangelic
Cauner Lwow - Galicia 1770-1799
Cauner Lwow / Lviv - Galicia 1770-1799
Caw   Top of Page
Cawre Riga - Lativa Roman Catholic, 1870-1900
Cay   Top of Page
Caygiern Tomaszow Lubelski - Russia

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