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See Surname\& Places Introduction for a description of the databases.

Surnames are from different periods in the 19th century unless otherwise stated.

Newly entered Surnames will be listed in the "New Surnames" section for a
period of time and then sorted into the list when the next update is made.


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New Surnames
Town County Partition


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Amanowicz Berzniki - Russia (now Lithuania)
Amanowicz Zbikow - Warsaw
Amarowicz Krzywcza, Przemysl - Galicia
Amasandrowicz Oszmiany - Russia (now Lithuania) 1906
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Ambicki Sanok - Galicia
Ambicki Sniatyn - Galicia 1730-1800
Ambozewicz Kowal - Russia
Ambramowicz Goniadz, Grodzkie - Polish Kingdom Eliasz, 1678-1679, diocese: Vilno
Ambras Bohorodczany - Galicia marriages, 1840-1859
Ambrasas Surwiliszki (Surviliskis), Kowno (Kaunas) - Lithuania (Russia) 1800-1846
Ambraszewicz Surwiliszki (Surviliskis), Kowno (Kaunas) - Lithuania (Russia) 1800-1846
Ambraytan Suwalki - Russia evangelics, 1830-1850
Ambresewicz Kietowiski, Troki - Russia (now Lithuania) 1841, parish: Kietowiski
Ambros Sanok - Galicia
Ambroszkiewicz Jarocin - Prussia civil register, 1874-1910
Ambroszkiewicz Miescisko, Wagrowiec - Prussia
Ambroszkiewicz Raszkow, Ostrow Wlkp - Prussia
Ambrozak Wasewo - Russia
Ambrozewicz Badkowo Koscielne, Plock - Russia
Ambrozewicz Citowiany / Tutuvenu - Russia (now Lithuania)
Ambrozewicz Jezno - Russia (Lithuania) 1787-1883
Ambrozewicz Jezno, Kowno (Kaunas) - Russia
Ambrozewicz Oszmiany - Russia (now Lithuania) 1906
Ambrozewicz Radziwiliszki, Lithuania - Russia 1795-1815
Ambrozewicz Rumszyszki, Kowno - Russia
Ambroziak Andrzejewo, Lomza - Russia
Ambroziak Bolimow, Lodz - Russia
Ambroziak Brodowe Laki, Pultusk - Russia
Ambroziak Bulkowo, Plock - Russia
Ambroziak Dlugosiodlo, Ostrow - Russia
Ambroziak Gizyce, Sochaczew - Russia 1856-1890
Ambroziak Jamno - Russia
Ambroziak Kamienica, Mlawa - Russia
Ambroziak Kiernozia - Russia parish: Kiernozia
Ambroziak Kutno - Russia
Ambroziak Lomza - Russia catholic parish
Ambroziak Orszynowo, Plock - Russia 1815-1825
Ambroziak Rokicie, Plock - Russia 1840-1860
Ambroziak Siecien, Plock - Russia
Ambroziak Suszerz - Russia
Ambroziak Witowo, Wloclawek - Russia 1755-1817
Ambroziewicz Balwierzyszki - Lithuania / Russia 1860-1910
Ambroziewicz Kaletnik - Russia
Ambroziewicz Krasne, Rzeszow - Galicia
Ambroziewicz Leg Koscielny, Plock - Russia
Ambroziewicz Poniemon (Aukstosios) - Russia Lithuania 1820-1830
Ambroziewicz Poszwityn (Pasvitinio) - Russia / Lithuania
Ambroziewicz Poszwityn (Pasvitinio) - Russia / Lithuania 1802-1870
Ambroziewicz Zakrzewce, Ottynia - Galicia
Ambrozio Mecina - Galicia
Ambrozy Czeladz, Katowice - Prussia
Ambrozy Grabow by Prosna, Posen - Prussia 1880-1890
Ambrozy Sikorz, Plock - Russia
Ambrozy Slupca, Konin - Russia Parish cemetery
Ambrozy Strzegowo, Plock - Prussia
Ambrozyk Korycin, Bialystok Podlasie - Russia 1650-1700
Ambrulewicz Miroslawiec - Russia (now Lithuania) parish: Miroslawiec
Ambuck Sniatyn - Galicia 1730-1800
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Amchowicz Lodz - Russia jewish, 1920-1925
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Amecki Sochocin, Mlawa - Russia
Amenda Plosnica - Prussia 1880-1881
Amendu Lidzbark / Lautenburg, Mlawa - Prussia
Amer Laznow, Lodz - Russia 1810-1860
Amerla Wojslawice, Lublin - Russia
Amernik Sepolno Krajenskie - Prussia
Amerski Kutno - Russia
Amerski Rogotworsk, Plock - Russia
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Amkewicz Gostkowo, Tylice, Torun - Prussia
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Ammer Dlugosiodlo, Ostrow - Russia
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Amon Wielen - Prussia
Amonay Kaletnik - Russia
Amonaytis Kaletnik - Russia
Amosowicz Gniezno, Gniezno - Prussia 1808-1825, parish: St Trinity
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Amplikowicz Zolkiew - Galicia 1762-1780
Ampula Szwelice, Pultusk - Russia
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Amrogiewicz Korszow, Ottynia - Galicia
Amrogowicz Janow Trembowelski, Trembowla - Galicia
Amrogowicz Powidz, Gniezno - Prussia civil records, 1874-1910
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Amsiej Liskiava (Liszkow) - Russia (now Lithuania)
Amsiej Liszkow - Russia (now Lithuania)
Amsterdam Kamien, Gorno - Galicia
Amszej Liskiava (Liszkow) - Russia (now Lithuania)
Amszej Liszkow - Russia (now Lithuania)
Amszej Merecz (Merkine) - Russia (now Lithuania)
Amszej Sereje - Russia
Amszey Merecz (Merkine) - Russia (now Lithuania)
Amszfet Bakalarzewo - Russia
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Amzel Bzowo - Prussia
Amzel Lodz - Russia jewish, 1920-1925
Amzel Lodz, Piotrkow - Russia

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