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Updated - The Polonia Index has - 1567 Records & 645 Surnames - Just click on - Polonia Ancestor Tree Index.

Contribute your Polish family Ancestor/Family trees (Pedegee charts) to the Index to expand the possibilty of finding more of your family and ancestors in various Polonia countries.

If no one contributes - nothing is gained. If you contribute, you and possible several more people may have gained. This website caters to Polish Genealogy that was within the countrie's boundries over centuries. It's a rather small Site (but growing) that occasionally provides interesting connections between Polish genealogists.

For example, recently a man from Australia provided his family chart and and connected with a woman in the US with the same GG Grandfather in Poland. Can't guarantee results like this for everyone , but miracles do happen. See Poloniaindex input, and then send to

Iwona Dakiniewicz is a Polish Researcher and a correspondent - for the iPGS - check out her site.

Alphabetical Surname Listing - Latest Update (L) - will have 121,022 surnames and 5,819 towns.

Iwona Dakiniewicz Article - Old Polish Proverbs

Archives of Ontario Mariner's Museum Library

Naturalization Index Project Polish Roman Catholic Parish Directory

In Progress Featured Items Description Updated
Atlas of the Kingdom of Poland Maps & Illustrations from 1907 14 Jan 2018
Herbarz Polski Surname Heraldic Descriptions 20 Mar 2016
Iwona Articles & Data Polish Genealogical Information 1 Mar 2018
Iwona's Research Places and Associated Surnames 1 Mar 2018
Maps Polish & Related Maps 14 Jan 2018
Miscellaneous Articles Polish Genealogical Information 21 Jan 2018
Polonia Ancestor Tree Index Polonia Ancestral Index & Trees 14 Jan 2018

Featured Items Description
Dachau Records Concentration Camp Records
Places in Prussian Poland Prussia & Pomerania - 1879
Polish City Directory 1903 Chicago City Directory
Parish Histories Histories of US Parishes
Wąbrzezno Military Death List
During 1914-1920

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