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Niesiecki was born in Greater Poland to a burgher family. In 1699 he began training as a Jesuit in Kraków. From 1701 to 1704 he studied philosophy in Lublin, earning a master's degree. In 1707 Niesiecki started his studies in theology at the Jagiellonian University, graduating in 1711. He undertook further study in Lutsk, Krosno, Bydgoszcz, Chojnice and Kalisz.

Between 1715 and 1723 Niesiecki worked as a preacher in Masovia, Greater Poland, Lesser Poland and Ruthenia. He taught rhetoric in Bydgoszcz and Chojnice, and ethics and mathematics in Kalisz. From 1724 he lived in the monastery of Krasnystaw, where he engaged in his life's work, compiling the Herbarz Polski (Polish Armorial). Niesiecki died there on 9 July 1744.

The first volume of Herbarz Polski was published in 1728 in Lwów. Niesiecki wanted to write it in Latin, but his patron, Marianna from Potocki-Tarłowa, specified that it to be published in Polish. Because Niesiecki tried to not use unverified sources and legends, he was rubbished by the szlachta (Polish nobility). He continued with the work, however there were delays in printing the next volumes. After fourth volume was published attacks by the nobles increased; they sent letters of protest to his Polish and Roman superiors. Work on the fifth volume was interrupted by his death; it was completed by Stanisław Czapliński, but never published.
In 19th century the armorial was expanded by several authors and published by Jan Nepomucen Bobrowicz in Leipzig.

In opinion of historians the work of Niesiecki obey the world standards of genealogy.

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Translations were done by William Fred Hoffman, Josephine Piegzik and Leonard Suligowski in the 1979 and 2004. Some first appeared in PGSA and the White Eagle publications. Permission obtined is as indicted

Fred Hoffman is a writer, translator and desktop publishing Secialist. He holds an M.A. in foreign languages. He is the Editor of the Polish Genealogical Society of America's Rodziny newsletters and author and co-author of several books.

Josephine Piegzik was a writer, translator and volunteer for number of Polish oganizations and institutions, such as the Polish Genealogical Society of America, Polish Museum of America, Polish Roman Catholic Union of America, & Resurrection Hospital.

Leonard Suligowski was a Polish historian and heraldic artist. He was a member of the Polish Nobility Association, Polish Genealogical Society of America and has received many Chivalric awards. Link to

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