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Argentina Polish Community in Argentina
Austria Archives in Austria
  Austrian State Archives - War Archives
Austria-Hungary Austro-Hungarian Army Records
  Austro-Hungarian Land Forces 1848-1918
  Historical Information
  Slovak Language
Belarus All Dioceses - List and Links
  Archives of Belarus - Genealogy - in English
  Residence Permit Applications of Prague Police Headquarters
  Military Records
Czech Republic Military Records
Europe Historic and Contemporary Maps of Europe
Hungary 1900s gazetteer of Austria-Hungary
  Searching your Surname
Lithuania A Brief History of Lithuania
  All Dioceses - List and Links
  Finding your Ancestors in Lithuania
  History, language, literature and related cultural topics
  Lithuanian Alphabet
  Lithuanian Heritage
  Lithuanian State Archival System - in English
New Zealand Birth, Death, Marriage or Civil Union Certificate
  Cemetery and Database
  NZ Bound Ship and Immigrant Ancestor Information
  Obituary Lookup Volunteers State/Country Index
  Searching your Surname
  Telephone Directory
Slovakia Czech & Slovak American Genealogy Society of Illinois
  Villages in Eastern Slovakia - Discovered Records
  Slovak Language
  Slovak Pride Database
Russia 19th Century Russian Maps
  All Dioceses - List and Links
  Alternate Surnames in Russian Poland
  Archives in Russia - Genealogy - in English
  Dictionary of Russian Names - Grammar by Paul Goldschmidt
  FHL Russian Genealogical Word List
  Galicia Map - Southwest Russia
  Genealogical Atlas of the Russian Empire
  History of Russia and Ukraine
  Imperiia: Mapping the Russian Empire
  Military service in Russia Empire
  Russian Alphabet 1
  Russian Archives Online
  Russian Genealogical Word List

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